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Frost fence Installation

Frost Fence Installation
Nation-wise, the most common product is the galvanized chain link fence, known under our very name, the Frost Fence, which stands for quality and reliability at the best price/quality ratio. For several decades the galvanized chain link fence has made its place and has become the most installed fence in the residential and commercial sector. The applications are multiple and adapt to different field conditions. The mesh gives the impression of an open space and the advantage of having a clear view. On the other hand, the addition of PVC slats can meet the need for privacy.

Made of galvanized steel, the frost fence combines the best qualities of aluminum and zinc to provide the best corrosion resistance of steel. For durability throughout the harsh Quebec winters and freezing grounds, our recommended frost fence installation uses poured concrete to secure the posts. The holes in the fence measure 9 ″ in diameter.

La clôture à mailles de chaîne galvanisée est reconnue comme un bon investissement pour cinq raisons:

Quality of material
Economical purbhase
Maintenance free
A galvanized chain link fence is ideal for the perimeter and  contour of your land, a swimming pool, a locker, a daycare and  much more. Here are some options available: 
No 9 Gauge quality for regular projects
No 6 Gauge quality (more resistant) for daycares, dog parks, institutions and industries
Large selection of galvanized colors
Available in 4 heights: 36 “- 48” – 60 “- 72”
Covered with resistant vinyl Available in: Black - Brown - White - Green – TaupCovered with resistant vinyl
Privacy slats